shutterstock_57140875“All questions are relevant, and with NSE you we will get straight forward answers. All installs come with a site inspection, so we are there with you the whole way from start to finish.”

1. What is a grid connect solar panel system?

Grid connect solar panel systems are connected to the electricity supply grid just as your house is. The inverter converts DC voltage generated by the solar panels to 240V AC household supply. The inverter is the brains of the system which also manages how much electricity is supplied to the household and then overflows into the grid. When excess “Green” electricity is fed into the grid, the meter ticks backwards, so the household only pays the difference between what is drawn and fed.

2. Is my system cyclone rated?

Yes, our product, BP, over design their brackets to reach maximum strength and achieve a cyclone rating.

3. What are STC’s? (Small technologies certificates) and how do they effect the cost of my system?

STC’s are a renewable energy commodity that are bought and traded on the open market to major firms like RioTinto. This in turn varies the price of the STC. STC’s can be signed over to the supplier by the owner of the system and this quoted amount will be deducted off your total cost.

4. How much room on my roof do I need?

Obviously the bigger the system the more room is needed. A site survey will be conducted prior to installation.
Based on a 1kw system, 8 square meters is needed.

5. What warranties does my system come with?

The BP panels are warrantied for 93% output after 12years, and 85% output after 25years, and a
5-year limited warranty on material and workmanship.
The Sunny Boy inverter is warranted for 10 years.
Installation of system is warranted for 12months.

6. Is my system covered under house insurance for mishaps i.e. vandalism?

Most insurance companies cover systems, though this will need to be discussed with your insurer.

7. Is there any ongoing maintenance?

The panels need to be mounted on an angle of no less than 10 degrees, this allows for self-cleaning. Solar panels are extremely reliable and have a long life span, they are robust and will last for decades if properly cared for. They need little maintenance and just need to be kept clean so that they continue to perform efficiently, so a trip onto the roof every so often with a soft headed brush is advisable.

8. What is the Ergon application and contract process?

Once you have decided upon a system size a Network Connection Application to Ergon will be filled out with our consultant. Once received Ergon will send out an IES (inverter energy system) Network Agreement, sign and then sent back to Ergon. Ergon will then forward a Purchasing Agreement highlighting the contract between you ‘the owner’ and Ergon.
Once the system has been installed, NSE will complete a Form A to Ergon, providing them with information they need regarding your electrical switch board and metering. Ergon will then come to your house to fit the new meter which will accumulate the exportation from your solar system, so they know how much to deduct or pay the owner.